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Get the latest setup of Easy JTAG plus the EMMC tool from this page. It is lightweight software, which is specially made especially for mobile phone repair, eMMC memory chips replacement and user data recovery. It comes with a lot of features which we have listed below.
  1. eMMC General Functionality: Read,Write,Erase,Change Boot Mode and HW Partitioning Functions
  2. Vendor Read Functions ( Can read eMMC Data in Factory Firmware Pack for Samsung, Qualcomm, LG, MTK )
  3. Vendor Write Function ( Can directly flash Factory Firmwares in eMMC Chips
  4. Samsung,Qualcomm,LG,MTK,Huawei,Spreadtrum)
  5. Android EXT4 filesystem Explorer 
It comes with a lot of more features which you will feel after use. Its all in one solution supporting eMMC, ISP, JTAG, SPI, NAND, and many more protocols.
Basically, it is the world's greatest database with more than 1000 supported devices of dozens of vendors. The main application allowing you to use most of the product features. It's the most powerful tool of all devices which are around the world. Now follow provided links below to get the latest setup of easy JTAG EMMC tool.
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