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The page is about to download the latest firmware of Nokia Lumia 520. Microsoft as of late refreshed Lumia Software Recovery Tool (LSRT) to another product called "Windows Device Recovery Tool" (WDRT). It underpins all old Nokia Lumia telephones (WP 8/8.1) or more new Microsoft Lumia (WP 8/8.1 and Windows 10) gadgets. Notwithstanding the name change, WDRT basically fills an indistinguishable need from did LSRT i.e. 

it can reset/reestablish/refresh a Lumia telephone. Other than it can likewise be utilized to recuperate/streak a delicate bricked WP/Lumia gadget – a strategy ordinarily called "dead-telephone USB blazing". In WDRT Microsoft has additionally included help for Windows Phone gadgets fabricated by different organizations like Acer, HTC, LG and so on. 

Be that as it may, not at all like LSRT, it doesn't bolster any old Nokia/Symbian/S40 telephone other than Lumias. So without encouraging yakking yak here is the means by which you can utilize WDRT to recoup/reset/streak/refresh a Lumia gadget. Reset a Windows/Lumia telephone to unique settings by re-introducing phone programming. 
WDRT can tackle most bricked-versatile issues like boot-circle issue (telephone is restarting over and over), the phone is stuck at Nokia logo/white screen on boot, relentless turning machine gear-piece wheels at boot or amid refresh, BSOD, telephone just vibrates on squeezing power catch and afterward nothing happens and so on. Kindly must follow flashing points that are really needed to flash any phone. 

If you are looking for help, just go to the Nokia Page and check out where the Update is already available so that you know which firmware you’ll have to download. After you know which firmware you want you to have to find out the RM-Number and the Product code for this Firmware, you can do this by just bunging for it or looking up at Seidel, a pretty neat page which has listed all RM-Numbers with their Product Codes sorted by phone model. Now download the latest firmware by just following the below links.
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