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ZXW Tools Dongle indicates follows on rationale sheets of most iPhone, iPad, and Samsung models, alongside numerous other cell phones. It's a basic bit of programming for board level repair. The way that it works is that the dongle goes about as a security key to get to the openly downloadable programming. The security key goes on for a time of one year, at that point you should recharge or purchase another one. 

There is a couple of imperative programming vital to a fruitful micro-soldering repair. One of these instruments is called Zillion x Work (ZXW Tools) Dongle. The product is openly downloadable, yet it won't work without the dongle connected to your USB port. The USB drive goes about as a security key to empower free updates and a year-long membership to the product. After you have the dongle introduced, you'll have to either download the product from their site or you can introduce it from the included CD.
ZXW company belongs to Chinese, so unless you have an interpreter addon for your program, it'll be really difficult to explore. Basically, ZXW can support for several brands.

Samsung Series:

S6,S6 Edge,S6 Edge Plus,S8500, S8300, S8003, S8000, S7562L, S7562i, S7562, S7550, S7500, S7530, S7250, S6538, S6102E, S5830, S5830i, S5830L, S5750E, S5670, S5580, S5570, S5570B, S5570i, S5560, S5360, S5302, S5301, S5300, S5260P, S5230, S5210, S3770M, S3650, S3650W, S3550, S3350, S3100, S508, S300, S269, S189, i535, i997, i9505, i9500, i939D, i939, i9308, i9300, i929, i9260, i9250, i9228, i919, i9108, i9105, i9105, i9100, i9100G, i909, i908E, i9070, i9050, i9023, i9010, i9003, i9001, i900, i889, i8350, i9330, i8250, i8190, i8160P, i8160, i8150, i8000U, i7500, i747, i718, i6330C, i5801, i5800, i339, i300, X820, X810, X800, X700, X680, X668, X660, X650, X640, X638, X620, X508, X480, X478, X450, X308, X210, X208, X160, X138, X100, E900, E880, E870, E800, E788e, E770, E750, E730, E720, E708, E648, E638, E620, E610, E530, E418, E390, E378, E360, E350, E338, E3300L, E258, E208, E1230, E1030 etc.

LG Series:

S310, P765, P880, P895,P920,P940, T300, KG198, KG195, KG129, KG29li, KF510, KF311, KF240, KE820, KD877, KC910e, KC910, KC550, GX300, GT540, GT500, GS250, GS290, GS155, GS117, GS108, GS101, GS100, GD910, GD880, GD580, GD510, GD350, GD310, GB230, GB210, E985, E975, Nexus 4(E960), E720, E615, E612, E510, E405F, E400, D888, D802, D686, CT100, C660, C360, C330, C320, C300, A350, A258, A230, A200, A190, A108, A100 etc.

Blackberry Series:

9800, 9780, 9700, 9650, 9630, 9550, 9530, 9500, 9000, 8900, 8800, 8530, 8520, 8330, 8310,8230, 8220, 8130, 8100, 8320 etc.
Now download the latest setup of the ZXW tool from the below download links. The links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses.

ZXW Tool - Dongle Setup Download
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