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On this page, we have published official download link to get the latest firmware of Blackberry z10. In simple words that you've yet to get the BlackBerry 10.3.3 refresh or are basically simply looking to a fresher form than the one you have, you would now be able to download the OS autoloader records expected to physically introduce it. Now, it's difficult to state what all is new in the refreshed documents as, well, they're just too new and people haven't had sufficient energy to investigate them in any case, the one thing we do know at the present time is that they're not that substantially more seasoned than the past form. 

Maybe because of obliviousness or deliberately, you may block your exquisite Blackberry Smartphone that is you may harm its working framework past usable limits(am discussing programming issue here not equipment).In such circumstances, a plant reset or full glimmering might be inescapable. You ought to however take note of that it isn't all issues that warrant glimmering of the blackberry telephone in fact in case of minor issues like hanging, solidifying simply expel your blackberry battery and put it back(Soft reset) you ought to be alright.
Nonetheless, if your issues with your blackberry telephone go past the above say. The past form was made on December 8, 2016, and this manufacture was made on December 12, 2016. All that is to state, odds are there's not a lot of changes inside this discharge but instead some little bug fixes. As usual, the documents made accessible in the discussion are given as-is yet in the event that you just can't sit tight for the authority OTA to be conveyed or are on a transporter in which refreshes are not given, utilizing the autoloader records are the most ideal approach to get your gadget refreshed. You can download the latest OS firmware of Blackberry z10 from the provided download section.

Blackberry Z10 Firmware STL100-1
Blackberry Z10 Firmware STL100-2
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