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UFS3 Boxes are the blend of the most recent innovation in the cell phone blazing industry. By utilizing the UFS3 innovation joining it with a one of a kind outline arrangement that exists in 2 display lodging sorts (plastic and metal). It can streak the majority of the telephones for driving cell phone businesses, for example, Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Siemens, and so on. Presently to each UFS purchased from our organization we include UFSx2COM programming for nothing. 

UFSx2COM UFS Virtual COM Port was intended to use with UFS SarasSoft Series boxes. e.g UFS2, UFS3 Tornado/Excalibur, Twister, NBOX and PowerFlasher likewise tried to be chipped away at UFS Clone. This product made virtual COM port that can be utilized as a part of any Windows utilized programming projects (for information exchange, synchronization, simlock expel, blazing and so forth.) with accelerate to 1 Mbit/s (921600 kb/s max). You can utilize existing links from FREIA to streak any Siemens telephones by SWUP flasher.
It can support for flashing several Nokia and other brands. We have included here some Nokia phones.
3610 (NAM-1), 2100 (NAM-2), 3410 (NHM-2), 6250 (NHM-3), 3310 (NHM-5), 3330 (NHM-6), 3350 (NHM-9), 3390 (NBP-1), 6210 (NPE-3), 5510 (NPM-5), 5190 (NSB-1), 6190 (NSB-3), 8890 (NSB-6), 8290 (NSB-7), 5110 (NSE-1), 5110i (NSE-2), 6110 (NSE-3), 7110 (NSE-5), 8810 (NSE-6), 3210 (NSE-8), 5130 (NSK-1), 5130 (NSK-3), 6150 (NSM-1), 8850 (NSM-2), 8210 (NSM-3), 8250 (NSM-3D), 8855 (NSM-4), 5210 (NSM-5), 9110 (RAE-2), 6090 (NME-3). Now you can download latest setup of UFS box from below download links.

UFS Box Setup Download
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